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Yvette Rowland on the set of 'Distant Shores'

‘I was lucky enough to appear in all 12 episodes of “Distant Shores” playing Else who runs the pub where Bill Shore (Peter Davison) sets up his medical practice.

‘What was so enjoyable about this series was that filming took place in Craster and the local people made us feel so at home – a lot of them appearing as background artists. It was such a shame that the show came to an end, but it was great experience being involved’

‘Two series of “Distant Shores” were made by Granada TV starring Peter Davison, Samantha Bond & Tristan Gemmill. It tells the story of uptight plastic surgeon Bill Shore (Davison) moving with his family to a remote island off the coast of Northumberland where Bill finds himself GP to a much more down-to-earth clientele. The series was immensely popular with high viewing figures of over 6 million and was sold throughout the world’

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Distant Shores

Byker Grove

Yvette Rowland in 'Byker Grove'

Yvette Rowland in 'Byker Grove'

‘I was really thrilled to be asked by director Tony Kysh to play Regina’s mother Monica in ‘Byker Grove’. Tony had seen me in ‘Quayside’ and had said he wanted to find me a part in ‘Byker Grove’ – and he did !

‘Monica moved in with her brother Jerry who had been looking after her daughter Regina and failed to live up to her parental responsibilities eventually leaving Regina to run a hotel in Aberdeen.

I also appeared on CBBC to promote ‘Byker Grove’ with my screen daughter Regina and other guests from ‘Grange Hill’.